Mind Body Connection for Fertility

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  INR 700 /-

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More About the Program

Course Duration:  8 Weeks

Course Format:  Well designed and Easy to follow.

Target Audience: Women trying to Conceive.

Key Highlights

Highlight 1:  Completely Natural Way

Highlight 2:   Easily Fit in your daily routine

Highlight 3: Holistic approach to boost Fertility and Overall Wellness

 What You will get?

1) 7 hours of Recorded Video Sessions in Hindi, Audios and PDFs

2) Detail Explanation and Practical Demo for easy understanding

3) Full Assistance on all your Queries and Doubts

  INR 700 /-

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  • This Program will help you to overcome hurdles coming in your pregnancy journey with the holistic approach of Mind-Body Connection.

  • Mind-Body Connection Program consists of well-designed and easy-to-follow Techniques for complete Physical and Emotional Health so that the body gets ready for a healthy complication-free Pregnancy.