Testimonials from our Esteemed Clients

" 2 lines would be very less to say about how beautiful soul Sonali is. She understands all my emotional aspects and make me understand myself better. I couldn’t image my life without her and how instrumental she has been in the way I look at things. She made me a better person and gave me a new perspective of life. My period flow is so Normal from the time I met her. 

All my hormone levels are in normal range and that too within a span of a few months. I couldn’t ask for more and feel grateful to be associated with Mind Body Connection. Calm and Relax technique is my favorite, I cannot start my day without it. The entire program is so well-planned to help women come out of their stress zone and prioritize themselves. Words are not enough to thank Sonali for all that she but still I would like to thank her from the core of my heart for giving me the best version of myself."

"Sonali deeply understands all my stress and every time encourgaes me. I feel a Positive Change in my  Physical and Emotional Health. Now I worry less, I have developed faith in my Mind and Body because of this program. 

I am very happy that I joined this program. It's helping me a lot. Sonali gave me help in other areas of life also, whenever needed."

" Sonali and her Mind Body connection program helped me a lot. The cyst which was a hurdle in my conceiving has reduced to very small size by techniques and sessions of Sonali.

She gave me solutions and way for my Emotional Problems through her techniques. I feel myself a changed person from within - Happy and more Healthy. I now feel my body is completely ready for a Natural Healthy Pregnancy. I am very thankful to Sonali."

" I was having Problem related to Egg Formation/Rapturing. I joined the Sonali’s Mind Body Connection Program in June 2022. The program and the sessions helped me deeply. I conceived on my own  and enjoying healthy pregnancy. I am very gratful for the immense support and guidance I received from Sonali in form of her Sessions and Techniques. I highly recommend this program to women who are dealing with any kind of fertility issues."


"Dear respected Sonali ma'am, ... on 15th of July 2022 we connected 1st time and I was highly impressed... I consulted for my severe anxiety and desire to conceive. I started your plan and each new day seen improvement in me ...u made me addicted to positivity.  Despite of lack of baby, I enjoyed all festivals from janmashtmi to Diwali pooja with the help of ur techniques. Your calm & relax technique is a boon for me. Other techniques are blessings too for me. You made me able to do self-talk and taught me to have patience. In November again I distracted for tubal blocks and still u were the only person who rejected my distraction and sent me a bucket of positivity...... A week later... what news we got ....... its    

UPT POSITIVE .... it's A MIRACLE  coz I myself a doctor struggling for conceiving since 1 year, .... and the big thing is ,we connected in july and BY THE GOD GRACE & YOUR EFFORTS MA'AM my Due Date is in JULY 2023.

 A big thanks to u for generating such a super powerful plan to get conceived by working on mind and body...🙏🏼

I was having an Endometriosis problem and despite being many IUI and IVF , I was not able to conceive. The Endometriosis problem gave me a severe stomachache, backache, and pressure on the bladder. Despite taking heavy painkillers, the pain remains the same. After attending Mind-Body Connection Program , I saw a major improvement in my Endometriosis problem and pain. Slowly I was off the medicine and few months after joining the program, I conceived on my own. The kind of support and guidance I got is beyond words. The techniques taught are so easy to remember and follow.  

I was trying to conceive from last 14 years. 3 failed IVFs and 4 failed IUI, I almost gave up my dream of becoming a mother. I was preparing myself for adoption. Then on my elder sister's recommendation, I talked to Sonali Bhatia Singh. After talking to her, I actual got a ray of hope and joined her Mind- Body Connection Program.  It was, I must say a miracle, that the techniques she taught and the kind of support she gave me helped me in conceiving on my own. It was really a miracle for me and my husband. Now I have 1.5 year old daughter. Thank you so much for making us parents."

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Beautiful Words from My Client Simran Jeet Kaur (Senior Manager-MNC)

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