Mind Body Connection for Fertility

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More About the Program

Course Duration:  12 Weeks (3 months)

Course Format:  Well designed and Easy to follow.

Target Audience: Women trying to Conceive.

Key Highlights

Highlight 1:  Completely Natural Way

Highlight 2:   Easily Fit in your daily routine

Highlight 3: Holistic approach to boost Fertility and Overall Wellness

 What You will get?

1) 7 hours of Recorded Video Sessions in Hindi and PDFs to download. 

2) Detail Explanation and Practical Demo for easy understanding

3) Full Assistance on all your Queries and Doubts

  INR 200 /-

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  • This Program will help you to overcome hurdles coming in your pregnancy journey with the holistic approach of Mind-Body Connection.

  • Mind-Body Connection Program consists of well-designed and easy-to-follow Techniques for complete Physical and Emotional Health so that the body gets ready for a healthy complication-free Pregnancy.