Mind-Body Connection Program for Pregnant Women

A Unique Program for Health, Happiness,Overall Positive Growth and Lovely Bonding of Mother and Child

26th April - 28th April 2022 | Online

Select Any One - Morning TimOr  Evening Time  

Morning Session Time: 9:30AM - 11:00AM

  • 9:30 -10:30 AM - Session Time 
  • 10:30 -11:00 AM - Ques/Ans Time

Evening Session Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM

  • 7:00 - 8:00 PM - Session Time
  • 8:00 - 8:30 PM - Ques/Ans Time

Who can attend: Pregnant Women (any month-1st month to 9th Month)

Details of Program( what you will learn in these 3 days):


  1. You will learn Ancient ,Very Powerful and Amazingly Beneficial Food Techniques, Water Techniques,  Sleep Techniques and Relaxation Technique.
  2. These techniques will give immense benefit  in your pregnancy journey and will help in overall positive growth of the child in the womb.


*All Your Questions will be answered and doubts will be cleared.



  1. You will learn How to Manage Your Stress and not to pass the stress on to your unborn child.
  2. Also, you will learn a wonderful technique of talking to the child so that child in the womb gets a feeling of Safety, Happiness, Well-Being and Vibes of a Welcoming  Environment. 
  3. These techniques save Mother and Child from complications during the pregnancy and also after child birth. 


* All Your Questions will be answered and doubts will be cleared.



  1. You will learn advance techniques on passing on the message of Strong Personality, Moral Values, Good Attitude and Wellbeing to your unborn child so that child comes to the world as a healthy child and lead a good life in future.
  2. Also, you will learn techniques to keep yourself calm and composed for a complication-free healthy delivery.


* All Your Questions will be answered and doubts will be cleared.


Bonus Benefit:

Even after this 3-day event is over, you will keep on getting our Unlimited Support till your Child's Delivery.

(You can anytime send your questions or doubts on our support WhatsApp Number or  Email-id and we will send reply/solution according to your question within 24-hours.)

Note: Our support WhatsApp number will be shared with you on Registration.


Other Details:
Limited Seats - Only first 20 candidates.

The reason for limited seats(20 candidates) is that we want to do one-to-one interaction with you and want to answer all your questions, so that you get  Amazing Benefits and a Happy & Life-Changing Experience from this 3-day event.


Be Ready for a Wonderful , Unique and Special 3-day event for Mother and unborn Child.


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